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Who is 'Roadtrips Worldwide'?

We are travel planners, proudly representing a selection of award winning Small  Group Tour Operators and Independent Travel  options you will not find on mainstream sites like Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity.  Each of our partners specializes in providing a unique, fascinating and cost effective way of exploring new destinations. 

Local knowledge, logistical expertise and professional equipment will maximize your time, budget and enjoyment, while providing opportunities that most independent travelers and larger groups, never get to experience

Although our specialty is Small Group Guided Adventures for couples, families, friends or solo travelers, we can assist with any type of travel, at no extra cost to you.  We also take the hassles out of
organizing private groups of 6-600.

Our passion for delivering the best vacation possible is the foundation  of  Roadtrips Worldwide and our mission is to help you make memories by exposing you to new parts of the world, without the hassle and frustration of planning and executing the arr
angements on your own. 

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Who Travels with Roadtrips Worldwide?
Our collection of Roadtrips were created for travelers who are looking for a more up-close and personal experience than is possible on larger tours or cruises.  Our small group sizes and specialized vehicles provide greater access to authentic local experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations.  Along the way you'll share the experience with fellow Roadtrippers from around the globe.

We offer Roadtrips to suit each of the different groups below.  Regardless of what category you fit into, all Roadtrips Worldwide travelers are looking for an active, interesting and informative vacation.  We like to get under the surface and seek out as many local experiences as we can.  After identifying your main interests and desired level of accommodation, our travel advisors will provide you with a selection of appropriate trips in your chosen destination.

While there is plenty of time to explore each destination, our trips tend to move on to a new location every 2-3 days, enabling you to maximize how much you can experience on your vacation.  Our travelers are not looking for the lazy, sedate 'fly & flop' vacation.

  Young Professionals
   Have moved on from hostels and student travel, but love the fun and adventure of getting away from  the norm
   and meeting people from around the world

   Meet others to share the journey with and significantly lower your costs (and frustration) while still having
   plenty of opportunity for alone time - ask about more independent options just for the two of you too!

  Solo Travelers
   Many Roadtrips offer a room-share option to avoid expensive 'single supplements' for a room you're
   not going to spend much time in

  Active Baby Boomers
   May be looking for a little more comfort & convenience, but not ready to sit on the bus with the "oldies" - join a
   hiking trip, wine tour or let us create your own personal adventure

   Not all trips are appropriate for families, but we have a great selection of itineraries/dates that are designated
   as Family Trips.  We can also organize a private family trip if preferred.

  Private Groups
   We can tailor-make a trip designed around your group's particular interests (e.g. Wine/Food, Photography,
   Hiking/Walking, Wildlife, Camping, Singles,

   Although no trips are specifically limited to students
, certain Roadtrips cater to an 18-29 year old group, who
   are more interested in the cost of the trip than the comfort level of
accommodations.  These trips may incorporate
   multi-share rooms and/or budget camping options.

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About Our Founders
Roadtrips Worldwide is the love-child of Sam & Alice Parker, conceived to offer travelers a variety of unique, outdoor focused adventures.

A common addiction to travel drove them each to join the travel industry in 1997, where the two met while Sam was working in Alice's homeland, England.  They have been traveling the world together ever since.

Now, permanently located in Colorado, Sam and Alice are passionate about helping other travelers find smaller, local operators who will not only show them the big name destinations, but also get them away from the crowds to provide a personal connection with the land and it's people.

Having personally traveled in more than 35 countries and with 16 years experience in the Small Group & Adventure Travel industry, Sam and Alice started Roadtrips Worldwide to assist you with planning the most memorable vacation you've ever taken!

Happy Tripping,
The Roadtrips Worldwide Staff

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Roadtrips Worldwide offers travel options and destinations that are anything but typical.  We are independent, off-the-beaten path travelers who love to help others explore the world.

   You can't search for something, if you don't know it exists...let us share our expertise with you and provide
   you with some excellent options

   Our Travel Advisors and Group Specialists have a wealth of personal travel experience and have many
   years of experience
in the Specialty Travel industry.

  VIP SERVICE (For Every Client)
   Happy clients are the best marketing we could ask for!

   Why waste hours on the internet when a 10 minute phone call will achieve so much more?

   Traveling in a small group not only adds to the experience, but also maximizes your budget


View Roadtrips by destination
or by style of travel

No time to do research? That's fine - simply contact us, give us a few basic details about where and when you want to travel and we'll do all the work from there!  The more details you can provide, the better suited our advice will be.

We offer year round destinations, multiple styles of Roadtrips, from luxury hotels to budget camping.  Roadtrips Worldwide can assist you with flights and travel insurance too.


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Fill out your details and Roadtrips Worldwide will call or email you to provide vacation options.  We're happy to discuss any duration, budget or type of travel.  We cover it all! 

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We believe it's important to learn some things about you, so we can provide the best possible service and match you with the most appropriate trip for your personality, budget and interests.  Please email or call so we can get started on your next vacation!

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     Phone:  (310) 748-4510
     Hours:  9am-8pm USA Mountain Time (or by appointment)

     Phone:  (310) 748-4510
     Hours:  8am-6pm USA Mountain Time (or by appointment)





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