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Redefining the Word Tour
So far from the typical image of a 'tour', we use the term Roadtrip to describe a unique style of travel where a small group of international travelers join together to travel through a country or continent.  Roadtrips combine the cost-savings and convenience of a traditional tour with more flexibility than you'd expect.

First made popular by Australians and Europeans, these vacations are not only the most cost effective
fascinating way to explore a new country (or perhaps a new part of our own country), but they also enable you to share the experience with a small international group of new friends.  The interesting people you will meet and the new friendships made along the way will greatly add to the experience.

Catering to all types of personalities, budgets and time-frames, Roadtrips Worldwide has hundreds of different vacations covering every continent!  We will consult with you to understand the things that are most important to you, then work to match you with the perfect vacation to suit your personality, interests & budget - a personal service you can't get from a search engine.  Regardless of whether you are a solo traveler, couple or small group of friends, we're sure to have a great new vacation option for you! 

 Roadtrips Worldwide Concept
Much like the roadtrips you may have taken with friends in High School and College, our Roadtrips put a small group of international 'friends' together to explore the backroads of the world. The best part is that one of those friends is a professional guide who will handle all the trip logistics and truly bring the destination to life with their local knowledge and intriguing personalities.

Small group travel has been an extremely popular way for Europeans and Australians to travel, since the 1970's.  Roadtrips Worldwide is helping to introduce this active, social and enlightening style of travel to Americans looking to avoid a large tour group, but who would prefer not to do the driving or handle all the day-to-day logistics themselves.

Roadtrips include all local transportation, accommodation, guides, most meals, typically 6-24 like-minded traveling companions and a selection of activities and inclusions. 

We can also help with private group itineraries and independent travel arrangements.  Contact Us to get things started.

 What YOU Need to Know!
As soon as you contact us we start working for you!  If you know where you want to go, call or email us and we can provide advice and recommendations about unique options that will provide you with a highly personalized vacation and memories to keep you smiling for a lifetime.

If you have no idea where in the world you want to travel, take a look through the Destination page on this website to get some ideas.   You can order brochures about different destinations too.

You are not obligated to book with us, however, we believe you will find our expertise invaluable (especially when it doesn't cost you anything extra).

We look forward to talking travel with you!

Roadtrips Worldwide

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 How is the service Free?
Our service for planning travel is complimentary for travelers! (i.e. you will not pay any more for your 14 day trip to Europe than if you booked it yourself online). 

Unlike most other industries, cutting out the 'middle man' in the travel industry, does not automatically mean lower prices.  Particularly when you are looking at guided tours.  Our payment comes from the local operator,  not from you.  Please realize, this also means we don't get paid if you don't make a booking with us.  If you like what we have to offer and the service you receive, please complete your booking with us (of course we don't mind if you tell your friends too!).

Whether you are an individual looking for others to bike through Italy with, or you have a family of 8 and want to see the Australian Outback - we're just an email or phone call away.  We'll handle all the stress of planning so your only concern is to get yourself to the airport on time! 


Types of Roadtrips

Use the following links to learn more about each style of travel we offer.

Small Group Roadtrips  |  Hop-On Hop-Off Passes  |  Waterways & Small Ship Cruises

Self-Drive Roadtrips  |  Coach Roadtrips  |  Rail Passes  |  Specialty Roadtrips



Roadtrips Worldwide works with a select group of Award Winning Small Group Adventure Tour Operators from around the globe.  Regardless of your destination, our partners are chosen for their professionalism, equipment and experienced local guides.  These local operators have your best interests and love nothing better than sharing the best parts of their country with a small group of international travelers.

The atmosphere when traveling in a small group is fantastic for getting to know your fellow travelers and making lifelong friendships.  Sharing major expenses such as transportation, accommodation and food makes small group touring the most cost-effective means of accessing not only the big name destinations, but also the less accessible sites within a country.  Customized private vehicles enable you to explore places which would be difficult or impossible to reach on your own and where larger tour buses cannot access.  

Having the support of a local company behind you and a knowledgeable guide to help organize your day  maximizes your time ensuring you see the best of what's around (whether it's in the guide book or not).  All the planning and logistical headaches are taken care of for you, leaving you to enjoy the trip from start to finish. 

Traveling in a small group provides increased safety while still allowing maximum flexibility.  You wont spend every minute with the group, there is plenty of time to break away with just a couple of people or completely on your own...but it's so nice to have a group to come back to or share experiences with when you don't want to be alone. 

The majority of our Top Ten recommended Roadtrips are small group tours.  In our experience, this type of travel offers the best way of exploring a new part of our world, whether you are traveling on your own, with a significant other or with friends.   You not only get to explore the country and culture of your chosen destination, but also gain insight into the cultures of your fellow international travelers!

Contact us today so we can
start matching you with the best trip to suit your interests, preferred type of accommodation and budget.





RENT A SPACESHIP - not as crazy as it sounds!  Spaceships are the perfect solution for young couples (or up to 4 friends), who are on a budget, want to plan and drive themselves around Australia, New Zealand or Great Britain.  These custom converted mini-vans transform into a full-size double bed in the back, complete with all bedding, mini-fridge, a 2-burner cooker and even a DVD player.  Optional roof-top sleeping pods are available for additional passengers. 

From personal experience, we can testify that these are the way forward for self drive options.  Your vehicle is your transportation, accommodation, entertainment center and kitchen all in one!  Plus, they drive like a car, get great gas mileage and you are never left searching for a place that's big enough to park. 

Vehicles are available in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Contact Roadtrips Worldwide and let us set you up with your own Spaceship - what could be cooler!

RENT A MOTOR-HOME - Like the idea of accommodation on wheels, but think you want more room than a Spaceship?  Please contact us for a range of motor-home models available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  Cruise at your own pace and utilize the holidays parks all over.

Don't forget they drive on the left down under and in the UK - if you are not comfortable driving yourself, choose one of the alternative adventures listed above - no one will think any the less of you for not wanting to drive, it's your vacation!

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'Hop-On-Hop-Off' tours
have been popular in cities around the world for years, but did you know there are
'Hop-On Hop-Off' travel networks set up to help you travel around whole countries?

These networks are purpose built for travelers with enough time to be flexible in their itinerary - not those who just think they want to be flexible, but those actually with the time to be flexible.  Typically this means you have a month or more to travel. 

These are not full-blown tours, although they do offer several of the benefits of a tour - companionship, affordability, included activities en-route and a friendly, informative guide.  The biggest difference is that you have the ability to choose how long you stay at each destination and you only move on when you are ready.  Meals and accommodation are not included in this independent style of travel, but Pick Up and Drop Off points are usually located at Hostels rather than bus/train stations and beds can often be booked for you from the vehicle at discounted rates.

This type of travel mostly suits 20-somethings traveling for 1-12 months and who are looking for a social, economical, convenient way to travel.

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With the same concept as the small group touring above, coach touring offers many of the same benefits just on a larger scale.  If you have a limited vacation time, want to explore as much as possible and meet as many people as possible, this is the best option for you.  Tour Coaches also offer the most comfortable and roomy ride of all of our Roadtrip options. 

There is a big misconception that coach tours are only for older people.  There are plenty of great Tour Operators who choose to operate their Roadtrips in larger vehicles to maximize cost effectiveness and provide you with a greater diversity of fellow travelers.  As with Small group touring, you are not always tied to your group.  After a city orientation, the group will often splinter into smaller groups of 3-6 people to explore specific parts of a city  that interest them most, and meet up with the rest of the group for dinner or some other activity.

Roadtrips Worldwide represents several operators who provide coach journeys for all ages & budgets on all continents.  Contact us today to discuss your next vacation of a lifetime!




If you want to tour Europe by train, your should buy a Eurail Pass before leaving the US.  These are not available for purchase in Europe. Obviously, a rail pass is just your method of transportation.  We can arrange flights, accommodation and other day trips to coincide with your rail pass.  Alternatively, check out one of the European Roadtrips which include your transportation, accommodation and more!                  

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While technically not a Roadtrip, we can book you any sailing, small or large cruise ship or waterway vacations throughout the world.  From Cruising the Alaskan Fjords to the small European Waterways, sailing in the Mediterranean, Greek Island hopping or coasting down the Danube!  Contact us for specifics if this is the style of travel you are looking for!

Australia & NZ

Whitsundays Sailing
Milford/Doubtful Sound Day or Overnight Cruises


Alaska Small Ship Cruising - up close and personal

European Waterways/English Canals

Canals of England
Waterways of Europe
Mediterranean Cruising
Nile River Cruise
Greek Island Hopping

Cruises can be located on our cruise specific website (cruise website will open in a new window)

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We offer all kinds of specialty trips for private groups or individuals wishing to join into a specialized group, such as:

Hiking or Walking Trips
Wine or Food Focused Vacations
Art/Musical Focus
Mountain Biking
Battlefield/Historical Sightseeing
Botanical Gardens
Voluntourism - Help out a Community in need on your Vacation!  Global options available

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Again, not exactly a Roadtrip, but you will need Roads in order to get to the start of your hike or climb! Tons of options abound in this market.  From hiking the Inca Trail to scaling the peak of K2 in the Himalaya.  We can advise you on different options to fit your requirements.

Trekking or hiking vacations are often conducted in small groups.  We have plenty of Hiking Specific small or large group trips in all regions.   Click to Request More Information

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